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002We supply two ranges of Timber Venetians Blinds- the well-known ‘Sunwood’ range of Basswood blinds with 20 colours/stains. They are our ‘budget’ range but to be fair, most Blinds firms would regard these as a luxury range. We also supply the best Wood Venetian blinds in the world- ‘Luxmader’ blinds made from what is almost the lightest weight timber on the planet, ‘Obeche’. It’s also used in sauna and boat construction and is great in excessive humidity or heat! Obeche has a beautiful grain and the blinds are all hand-made in Valencia in Spain. Luxmader are seen as the ultimate timber Venetian blinds all over Europe- and our supplier has just opened a new manufacturing plant in Mexico- where there are strong traditions of craftwork and being Artistic! These wood blinds can be made up to 3 metres wide; as far as we know no other manufacturer of wood blinds can do that! Give us a call and we can send you a sample- you will love our obeche timber blinds.

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