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The truth about Roman Blinds- what the big firms really don’t want you to know! We make all our own Roman blinds by hand- sometimes we get customers saying ‘I don’t like Roman blinds ‘cos they don’t pleat up properly after a while’. The reason is they’ve seen machine-made blinds made by the big blinds companies who use machines- we cut fabric by hand ‘on grain’ so that the fabric is in a perfect rectangle as it was on the loom. Fabric has a ‘memory’ of the way it was on the loom and that’s the shape it wants to return to, so a machine-cut rectangle of fabric is soon no longer rectangular. The big firms don’t want you to know this as they use machines to make their Roman Blinds. We use a fabulous Roman Blind system from Spain renowned for its smooth sidewinder operation in a choice of metal or white. Roman blinds can be fitted to either the outside of the reveal, or inside the recess, both ways look just as nice. By the way, because we’re artists we do try to ensure our Roman Blinds are in proportion to the window and to the room- if you look through a few Roman Blind websites you will notice how many blindmakers make Roman Blinds with very deep pleats- this is the traditional way designed for high Regency windows; for modern windows pleats should be more shallow so they don’t dominate the room like a huge stuffed pillow glued above the window! We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve seen beautifully made Roman Blinds which are completely out of proportion with the room. Oh, and our other ‘bete noir’ is seen on nearly all Blinds Firms’ websites.. Roman Blinds made using a ‘quick rod’ system where the rods don’t have to be sewn in.. when you see Roman Blinds where there is a ‘bit of pattern missing’ at every horizontal rod.. this is caused by making them with a cheap system. They tell customers it’s a better system than a sewn-rod system. Well, it is if you like looking at Roman Blinds with bits of pattern missing!

Fabric designers include Harlequin, Prestigious Textiles, Voyage Decoration and Clarke & Clarke to name a few… we have around 5,000 fabrics for Roman Blinds in our large Nottingham showrooms, so it’s always best to pop in and have a look at our sample books, or call us in advance if you know exactly what you’re looking for! Oh, and by the way.. if you need Shoji Blinds, we can use exactly the same fabric for Shoji Blinds or Screens that we use for Roman Blinds.

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