made to measure Curtains Nottingham

Curtains Nottingham

Curtains Nottingham

made to measure curtains Nottingham

Curtains in Nottingham

Highbury Design: the Nottingham made-to-measure Curtains Showrooms visited by people from all over the country! With 5,000 Curtains fabrics samples, from £25 to £150 a metre- beautiful silks, linens, cotton mixtures. However, no ‘swags & tails’ or chintz- we’re strictly a modern curtains Nottingham firm, using contemporary headers like wave-top. cartridge, eyelets! Because we’re all artists by trade hopefully you will love what we do; we’ll make everything in proportion and our curtains are all hand-made by artists. We can make you a ‘mood board’ to help with your interior design (FOC!) and we can advise on paints as well- do you know why most interior designers recommend using Farrow & Ball paints? (and it’s NOTHING to do with commission!) We’ve taught many other curtain makers in the top Nottingham Curtains shops and have helped Radio Nottingham listeners with their interior design problems too. We’ve been featured on Channel 4 and BBC2 as well, and we actually make more types of blinds than any other Curtains or Blinds firm in the UK. Call us now to make an appointment with our artists- our Nottingham Curtains Showrooms are open Mon-Fri 9-5 and weekends by appointment. Coming from outside Nottingham? Put Catton Rd Arnold Nottingham into your SatNav or NG5 7JD.
Nottingham’s Highbury Design email is .
Nottingham’s BEST Curtains & Blinds Showrooms.

Curtains Showrooms Nottingham

Curtains & Blinds in Nottingham


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